What was the World like the last time Newcastle United won the League?

Premier League

The 30 year wait for Liverpool is over, and they have finally won the League. As you can see, I am super happy for them…………….

If, like me, you’ve had enough of their fans social media posts and tawdry celebrations – I thought it suitable to digress from the common dialogue for a minute.

Seeing the phrase ‘the 30 year wait is over’, got me thinking, ‘how long has it been since United last lifted the league trophy’. The answer, my friends, wasn’t very soothing to the mind of a Newcastle United fan. However, I was relieved to find out that the duration of years hasn’t reached triple figures… yet.

So the long and short of it is this, Newcastle last won the League in 1927 which was exactly 93 years ago. 93 years is a long time my friends – it’s basically as long as it took Newcastle United fans to get refunded for their season tickets. Let that sink in for a bit…

My next thought was, what was the world like in 1927? Was Harry Redknapp in management? Which club was Darren Bent at? Did Carl Froch have a crowd of 80 000 at Wembley? I was SHOCKED to find out the reality of what was actually happening back then.

Consequently, and after some research, I drew up a list of 3 pertinent events in the year 1927:

1. The era of Silent Films ended in 1927 with the introduction of the film “The Jazz Singer” – which was the first film to ever record synchronised dialogue. If you’re wondering what watching something in silence is like, please visit the Stadium of Light on any given match day 😉

2. The construction of Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, America began. If you are unfamiliar with this sculpture, it is of four significant historical leaders that have been carved into Mount Rushmore in the Black Hills region. I haven’t been myself, but I believe the sculptures are of Sir Bobby Robson, Shola Ameobi, Paul Gascoigne and Alan Shearer. Please don’t come with your fact checking.

3. After searching the archives, it can be confirmed that even back in 1927, there wasn’t a Mackem to be seen in Milan. Seems like this will never happen… strange.

Winning a League title seems well beyond Newcastle’s wildest dreams at the moment, but here’s to hoping we can win it before we raise our bat for the century. Howay the Lads!

Newcastle United’s Top 10 Kits of All Time

Premier League

This is obviously a highly debated and subjective topic. Nonetheless, it’s good to reminisce on some of the highlights of Newcastle United’s history. Over the last 5 decades Newcastle have been lacking in silverware, but one aspect where United always seem to show up, is dapper kits.

Few jerseys in football have been as iconic as the black & white stripes of Newcastle United since switching to the magpie colours in 1894. We could have made a list of the top 30 kits and we’d still miss out on some epic ones. So, please feel free to comment and let us know of your favourite kits or ones you may have owned throughout the years.

Without further ado, here are ToonTalk’s top 10 Newcastle United kits of all time:

10) 1993-1995 Away Kit (Asics):

Newcastle United, Away kit, 1993, Blue, Asics
Admiral Blue, Newcastle United Away kit

This kit was an Asics master piece. Playing off the admiral blue you’ll find on the torso of the Eurasion Magpie, this kit was a fantastic change kit for United. Sponsored by McEwan’s Lager and accompanied by a black collar & blue socks, this was United’s first away kit at the dawn of the Premier League era – and we think it was a beauty.

9) 1992/1993 Away Kit (Umbro)

Newcastle United, 1992 away kit, yellow and green newcastle, Mcewans lager
Newcastle United 1992 Yellow & Gold Away Kit

The green and yellow combination dates back to the 1960’s and has reared it’s head from time to time in Newcastle away kits. Upon closer inspection, this specific kit, has unobtrusive green triangles in the background of the shirt. The jersey is accompanied by green shorts and collars, with yellow and green socks – McEwan’s Lager being the sponsor. This jersey paved the way for other yellow kits that were to follow in the years ahead.

8) 1993-1995 Home Kit (Asics)

Andy Cole, Newcastle United, Home kit, Asics, 1993, Tyne Bridge
Andy Cole scores for Newcastle United

This iconic kit was a worldwide sensation. The iconic Brown Ale’s blue star with the Tyne Bridge on it was etched into the memory of all Newcastle United fans. The first thought that springs to mind is Andy Cole’s sensational season, where he amassed an incredible 41 goals. Newcastle went on to finish 3rd in the Premier League, thus qualifying for Champions League football. Such an iconic shirt is only worthy of playing at the peak of club football.

7) 1969-1973 Home Kit

Newcastle United, Home kit, Malcom Macdonald, 1970
Malcom Macdonald in Newcastle United’s Home Kit 1970’s

A black and white master piece. This simple yet elegant kit set the tone for Newcastle United dress-wear for the decades to come. In the Summer of 1971, Joe Harvey signed Malcom Macdonald for £180,000 from Luton Town as he became a figure attached to this iconic kit. Supermac went on to be United’s top scorer for 4 seasons in a row, subsequently writing his name into Newcastle United’s history books.

6) 2009/2010 Away Kit (Adidas)

Newcastle United, Yellow jersey, yellow kit, bananas in pyjamas, 2010, Andy Carroll
Andy Carroll scores in Newcastle United’s away kit 2009/2010 season

This kit was met with a few gasps at first sight, and the Toon Army were soon to be dubbed the ‘Bananas in Pyjamas’. But this kit grew on Newcastle fans and was the uniform of an up and coming young Newcastle striker, Andy Carroll. Led by Chris Hughton, Newcastle comfortably won the Championship division to secure promotion back into the Premier League. This kit was a play off our previous yellow kits, and although Adidas took a leap of faith in producing this – they got it spot on.

5) 1932-1958 Home kit

Newcastle United, 1932 home kit, Winston Churchill, Newcastle FA Cup
Winston Churchill shakes hands with Jacki Milburn

Newcastle’s last successful era, as they won 4 FA Cup’s with this jersey, two of them being back to back in 1951 & 1952. United wore this kit for 26 years and with it’s loose fitting, baggy design, Newcastle cemented itself as one of the biggest clubs in the UK. Wouldn’t mind winning some silverware now, mind you.

4) 2013/2014 Members Kit (Puma)

Newcastle United, Members kit, Yohan Cabaye, 2013
Newcastle United Members Kit 2013

An instant sensation, this kit worn for a friendly against Braga took Newcastle fans by storm. It was Puma’s best creation for United by a country mile. A black and white kit that wasn’t striped – many fans would have loved to have seen this as our home kit for a season. Nonetheless, it was only worn for 90 minutes and then available for sale to members. One of the few highlights of the Ashley era at United.

3) 1995/1996 Away Kit (Adidas)

Newcastle United, Away Kit, 1996, Adidas, Newcastle Brown Ale, Newcastle Jersey
David Ginola in Newcastle United’s 1996 Away Kit

One of the most popular united kit’s of all time. Still worn by a plethora of fans, globally. This kit wasn’t only a classic for Newcastle, but ranks as one of the best away kits since the inception of the Premier League. Not only that, but this kit was worn by a team of superstars who were incredibly unlucky not to win silverware during their tenure at United. With the infamous Brown Ale as the sponsor, this jersey was accompanied seamlessly by white shorts and striped socks – mouth watering.

2) 1999/2000 Home Kit (Adidas)

1999, Newcastle United, Home kit, Adidas, Newcastle Brown Ale
Alan Shearer scores in Newcastle’s 1999 Home Kit

This kit was impeccably designed and also an instant classic. The blue trim was the icing on the cake and made this kit one of Newcastle’s most iconic. What accompanied this kit was even more special – the arrival of Sir Bobby Robson, the darling of the North East.

1) 1995/1996 Home Kit (Adidas)

Newcastle United, 1995 Home kit, Adidas, Newcastle Brown Ale
Peter, Ant & Dec in Newcastle’s legendary 1995/1996 Home Kit

Yes, you guessed it right. What else could it be? With the likes of Beardsley, Ferdinand, Ginola, Gillespie, Peacock, Clark, Asprilla etc. United unfortunately finished runners up this season, but what a team and what a kit. Lets hope they can produce some more amazing kits in the near future! But more so, lets hope Newcastle can generate teams that challenge for silverware that is oh so deserved for the Toon Army and well over due.

We are sure we have missed some saucy kits off this list, so please feel free to comment below! Howay man.

5 proofs you’re a true Newcastle United fan.

Premier League

Loyalty is a such a pertinent characteristic in a human being. I’ve always said, if anyone had to question my loyalty, they’d just need to check my track record in supporting Newcastle United. I think many of you reading this right now are the same.

Given all this take-over talk and the prospects of a new dawn (however doubtful) looming, I thought I’d write a piece on what are several key characteristics of a true Geordie (not the YouTuber). This litmus test is by no means exhaustive, but whether you’re from Newcastle or Moscow, supporting United is likely to have developed some of the below.

1. Goodness gracious, you just hate Sunderland

Given that they are our rivals (despite being in some division in Scotland or Armenia or wherever they play), you’d think that this hatred is standard procedure. But the hate runs deep here, real deep. I’m not sure how it grows into this unending pit of loathsome emotions – but the force is strong. So much so, you’ve found yourself at the airport, glancing over at the monitor & notice a plane leaving for Milan – this will be followed by a quiet whisper under your breath “…never seen a Mackem there before”. No one will find that funny, but it’s a powerful feeling, very powerful – moving on.

2. You are an absolute SUCKER for clickbait articles

We all hate them, we are all tired of them, but we cannot stop reading them. Some say drugs are addictive and I bet they are – but have you ever seen an article titled “Messi, Newcastle’s new number 10??”, I cannot elaborate the heights this takes my dopamine levels to, but you can bet your bottom dollar that I’m going to read that article (with a photoshopped Messi in the black & white). From the arrival of Mpabbe & Vidal to the supposed Vince McMahon takeover rumors, we have seen and heard it all. If you still find yourself just having a quick browse over any articles like this – yup, you’re a Newcastle fan, sorry pal.

3. Alan Shearer makes your heart beat faster

We don’t have much going for us in the North East, but we do have Shearer – if you don’t know who he is, you’re too young bro. Without doubt and unmistakably the greatest striker in Premier League history (don’t argue), with 260 Premier League goals (and 283 top flight goals) – a million more than the next. We love Alan Shearer, who turned down a move to that club in red with someone “at the wheel” now, to play for his boyhood club Newcastle United. A clear manifestation of Magpie fandom is if you have spat out your chewing gum and hit a full volley screaming “SHHHEEARRRRREEERRR!” whilst your crusty gum misses the bin and lands somewhere, 7 yards from you – glorious.

4. You are a “When we…”

Newcastle United hasn’t had much success under the current regime…… okay its been utterly abysmal. Since we don’t have many accolades to flaunt and Joelinton’s goal scoring record isn’t turning heads, we resort to the dreaded “When we” approach. It’s the classic, “When we had Beardsley & Ferdinand…” or “When we were in the Champions League…” – if you are doing this, unfortunately Geordie fandom has spread to your vital organs – you are screwed. I have found myself at dinner tables, randomly blurting out, and completely off topic “You know, when we were under Kevin Keegan…” which is shortly followed by awkward stares. Maybe it’s the ignorance of my dinner guests, or maybe I am just hurt and this is a desperate cry for help… but it’s probably their ignorance.

5. Wor Bobby

Sir Bobby Robson was a very special person. He was one of the few personalities in football (in my lifetime, at least) that transcended the sport. Not only was he a mastermind and elite in his managerial capacity, but he was just a phenomenal fatherly figure at the club. His love for both Newcastle United and the sport of football has etched his name into the history books forever. As your love for Newcastle United grows, I think in parallel so will your appreciation and respect for Wor Bobby. If this quote gives you goosebumps, you most certainly are a member of the Toon Army.

“What is a club in any case? Not the buildings or the directors or the people who are paid to represent it. It’s not the television contracts, get-out clauses, marketing departments or executive boxes. It’s the noise, the passion, the feeling of belonging, the pride in your city. It’s a small boy clambering up stadium steps for the very first time, gripping his father’s hand, gawping at that hallowed stretch of turf beneath him and, without being able to do a thing about it, falling in love.”

– Sir Bobby Robson.

I believe if you have some of the above mentioned traits, howay man – you’re a Geordie. We may not have the trophies, but you are apart of one of the best sets of fans in world football. We pack the stadiums when we have absolutely no reason to other than the love that we have for our club. We are so loud and won’t stop singing until that final whistle blows, even if we are losing, and my friend, we lose a lot.

Please feel free to add to the list in the comments below and to share with your fellow footballing fans. #cans